Costco Moving to Bakerview?

CostcoThere has been quite a buzz about the possibility of Costco relocating its Bellingham store from its current location on Meridian to a location on Bakerview across from Fred Meyer. Costco has made it clear that their existing store on Meridian is too small and the city of Bellingham would like to keep Costco inside the city limits because of the sales tax revenue that the big box store brings. An area of undeveloped land on Bakerview near Fred Meyer might meet Costco’s needs.

Multiple reports have been published in the last months which includes references that the City of Bellingham “continue(s) to do the groundwork for development of wetland mitigation and storm water control facilities that would be needed”. In addition, sources say the city is looking into the street improvements in the Bakerview area that would need to be made as they relate to the Bakerview/I-5 interchange.

Discussions between Costco and the Bellingham City Council have been ongoing for several months.

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