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Marilyn Nold Scholarship Fund
In memory of educator Marilyn F. Nold, the Nold family and  Madrona Bay Real Estate Investments have established an annual scholarship to provide housing  to one student pursuing teacher certification through the Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University.  The scholarship enables a student in the College to live rent free for one academic year. 

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“Marilyn Nold was a dear and beloved family friend,” said Morgan Bartlett, “As I grew up, Marilyn always welcomed me into her home as part of her family. The opportunity to work with the family to honor Marilyn, and give back to the teaching field that Marilyn was a part of is the least I can do.”

 Awarded at the beginning of each academic school year, application forms and information can be found on the Woodring Scholarships for Teacher Education Students web site at

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