Building Community

Madrona Bay LLCMadrona Bay is dedicated to the development of strong communities. Believing that tomorrow’s communities are shaped by today’s investments, we are committed to providing support through those channels actively engaged in helping children, young people, and families both here and abroad. Our vision is to continue to grow our business operations so that our charitable contributions might also blossom. As long as we have been in business, Madrona Bay, the Bartlett Family Trust, and staff have sought to share our good fortunes through volunteering and direct financial donations to such organizations as:

• Boys & Girls Club of Whatcom County
• Marilyn Nold Scholarship Fund
• Ronald McDonald House Charities
• Royal Family Kid’s Camp
• St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
• Whatcom Hospice Foundation
Jack Bartlett Memorial Scholarship
Ryder Cunningham Scholarship

There are many worthy causes, and we invite you to join us in helping others achieve their full potential.